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J FOOT SPA is located at 598 Columbia Turnpike, East Greenbush, NY 12061. We accept Make appointment and walk in, call us at Tel: 1-929-322-7678 anytime. The concept of Healthy Foot Care is to infuse Eastern philosophy into the Western culture. Under Eastern philosophy, the system of the five phases or elements, known as Wu Xing, gave birth to the rules of Feng Shui and is used as a reference in Chinese medicine. We provide original Chinese Reflexology and Back Relaxing for our community over half dacate.

Foot Reflexology, Restores tired, achy feet and legs. Reflexology techniques provide relaxation and improve circulation, leaving you refreshed, uplifted, and ready to go.

Specialized deep tissue massage provides more detailed work on specific muscle groups, providing relief from chronic or acute pain. Focusing on contracted areas such as the neck, lower back, and shoulders, it provides increased blood circulation to release toxins. This deep pressure massage releases tension, stress and trigger points deep within the muscle.

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We accept Make appointment and walk in

Chinese Back Rub

A stress-relief massage concentrating on those high tension areas of the neck, shoulders and back. Knead and release techniques relax the muscles and increase circulation. An intensive treatment that combines stimulating massage techniques for over-stressed muscles. This massage opens the joints and works out the stress with unique stretches, trigger point therapy, and acupressure techniques to release tension.

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Foot Reflexology

Enhance your massage experience with the ancient methods of reflexology which focuses on pressure points in the feet that correspond to various organs and systems throughout the entire body. Pressure point stimulation opens energy pathways, promoting greater circulation and relaxation.

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Half & Half

A combination of Chinese Back Rub and Foot Reflexology. Half session The massage therapist will concentrate on a couple of areas, most commonly the back and neck. The other half session The therapist will focuses on pressure points in the feet that correspond to various organs and systems throughout the entire body.

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Facials involve some massage which aids in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The facial massage also helps to relax facial muscles which can slow the onset of wrinkles on the face. Puffiness reduction, sagging in the face and skin cell renewal are additional benefits from these massage techniques.

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Foot Reflexology

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